Porshe 911 Unveiling

Porshe 911 Unveiling

The new Porshe 911 unveiling left everyone speechless, so allow me to show you how it went instead...

Step 1 to having a successful, UberX dropped-off, evening -- get a drink:

Step 2, take a selfie: 

Step 3, repeat step 2 for SnapChat, notice the last guy to grab a drink has joined:

Step 4, time to people watch: 

Step 5, more cheers: 

Step 6, snap pics of friends: 

...I know you expect to see food here at some point, but when you're busy checking out every station, drinking (responsibly), and eating, well you get the idea...this is the only food pic I managed but UGH so good. All of it. 

and after a little more goofing around...

I took my hot dates, the Partial-E-Related Podcast fellas, to the Cru Wine Bar after party: 

If you're in the market for a new ride, you can head directly to Park Place Dallas and tell them I sent you! 

Thanks for the invite West Village Dallas! If you want to learn more about the dapper dudes in the photos check them out on i-Tunes or SoundCloud today!