Hello! It's Me.

Hello! It's Me.

Hello Dallas, Nation, and World! 

I am Stephanie Raquel Campos, you can find me on Instagram (and Twitter, Facebook, & SnapChat) @MsDallasMaven. Over the past three years I have showcased my life on Instagram to a localized Dallas following -- to say the least. 

What started as one, re-posted food picture, turned into dozens of meals, events, giveaways & of course selfies...

And now in 2016, I make my blog debut! That's not to say you haven't seen my words before for other brands and city-centric blogs. I've highlighted some incredible events over the years, but I'm taking my start-up brand to the web!

So what can you expect to find when you come here? You will travel with me to destinations near & far. We will dine at the BEST restaurants in town and attend exclusive events, often together (check my Instagram for a @SavorDallas Grand Tasting Giveaway). I will lend social media insights and whatever else I find relevant! 

I've shared every step of my growth and journey with INCREDIBLE followers and this will be no different. I must say, for those who have stuck with me THANK YOU. Thank you for the inspirational emails, the thoughtful endorsements, the tags, comments, likes, and pure LOVE. I am floored daily by your unwavering support and generally shocked that you enjoy looking at my food almost as much as I love eating it! To my new followers -- welcome, & let's eat! 



Are you a restaurant, event or brand who wants to partner? Email me directly Stephanie@MsDallasMaven.com